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Binary Uprising

Welcome to Binary Uprising. This is the personal website of The Binary Finery—however, it is not a blog. I am a cool cat at heart and here you can find some of the software, scripts, and other hacks I have created. Most people come here either to use the cool LiveJournal Comment Text Modifier or MoJo, the WAP (cellphone, palm pilot, etc) LiveJournal client. But please take a look around, you may be able to find something else of interest to you. I'm a huge supporter and user of GNU/Linux and open source/free software in general, so you are bound to find Linux-related things as well.

Move to Make Money

Aside from the original point of this site and it's researches into the mysteries and intricasies of code creation, there is the more important aspect of website building and promotion, which is figuring out how to manifest money quickly and easily as possible through your own efforts. Some of what you'll find in here portends to that end as we investigate the best and most effective methods of using a website to generate an income for its owner.

Binary Uprising
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