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Binary Uprising

Welcome to the aboutme page. I guess this is where you get to find out a little about who or what is behind the genius that is this website! I am the owner and webmaster of this site. I am an Atheist, a libertarian (not a liberal!), a hacker, a web-programming contractor, an avid Linux user, a Software Engineering and Computer Science dual-major, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas, a 19 year-old, an American, a free-thinker, a Texan (at the moment), a concert goer, and a root beer drinker.

I enjoy watching a lot of movies (and if you do too, I highly recommend Netflix), and I read quite a bit as well. I usually restrict my reading to non-fiction and fiction which I feel contains some meaning relevant to real life (esp. Ayn Rand). I am interested in numerous aspects of computing and I compete on a programming team called The Slithy Toves. I like to play guitar and draw in graphite when I can find the time (which doesn't happen very often these days).

I am proud to be an Atheist as I believe that Atheism is the Tao of Reason. While I do not assert that the existence of a "superior" God-like being is impossible, I believe that it is highly unlikely and that there is no evidence for the existence of such a being. Furthermore, if such a being were to exist, I would have no reason to serve or support it. I strongly dislike religion as it is the enemy of Rationalism, with the possible exception of Buddhism, which I feel should not properly be deemed a religion.

I am fiercely independent and individualistic. I accept full credit and responsibility for my personal actions, opinions and values, and I expect others to do the same. I feel that I owe nothing to another human being beyond basic respect for his/her rights and (s)he owes nothing more to me.

If you wish to contact me, please do so via email:



  • Why Microsoft Windows is a Terrible Operating System - I complain a lot about Microsoft Windows. This is an attempt to enumerate some of the reasons why.
  • Atheism, Science & Religion

  • Evolution 101 - This is a quick explanation of evolution and Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection for those who do not understand it, or do not "believe in it."
  • Is Science Just Another Religion? - Many times I have heard it said that "believing in" science is just like believing in a religion. This is my take on that matter, in which I explore the differences between science and religion.
  • One Nation, Indivisible - The purpose of this essay is to offer a explanation of the unconstitutionality of having the Pledge of Allegiance read in schools, based on legal precedents.
  • What An Atheist Really Is - Many people hold misconceptions about atheists, I hope to dispel some of the myths and define the term.


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Binary Uprising
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