j00 5p34k 1337?
The 1337-to-English translator is (finally) back up on the output page.
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MoJo Source Code Released
I just released the source code for MoJo 2.0. Look for it on the code page.
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Another New Page
I added another new section. The code page will hold the source code I release from software that I have written.
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Powered by Home-Cooked Code
I should probably power this site with someone else's code base, such as Movable Type, but as a hacker, I can't bring myself to. It's an enjoyable challenge to code everything myself. Besides, I don't think I could bring myself to use anything over which I didn't have complete control.
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All Hail Tux
Tux, the linux penguin.I'm finally starting to get a linux section of the site put together. It's about time. There isn't much on the page yet, but it should grow rapidly. Make sure you check it out. I also re-did the formatting of this news system (as you can see), so the site as a whole may be a little inconsistent in style. Don't you worry, it'll be beautiful again in no time.
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Mojo Bugs Fixed
Two bugs previously preventing mojo from correctly functioning were fixed today. The first involved users with non-alphanumeric characters in their passwords not being able to log in. The second was a problem in the WML code which kept some from being able to log in or to post.
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The 2nd Coming of Mojo
Mojo version 2.0b has finally been released! This version provides support for timezone control and control over security levels (public, private, friends only). This tool allows anyone to update their LiveJournal from a WAP enabled device (cell phone, PDA, etc.). Read more on the output page.
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Mojo says..."ACCESS DENIED!"
For a short period users were being denied access to mojo. It's up now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, in the future you will be able to access mojo via the address mojo.binaryuprising.com (this will be working within a couple hours). Yes it's still insanely long, but it's another option.
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New Server
The site is finally up on the new server. Mojo should even be working. Please email me if you have problems with it. The site should be reasonably stable, but there may be a few downtimes in the near future.
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This is a test post. It exists for no reason other than that for which I choose it to. But isn't that true for all these little posts? Don't I control them all? Or do they control me?
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