The following is a list of past and present projects by BinaryUprising. The software and tools found on this page are free to use/download. Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to
View/Post Comments Text Modifier usually displays something similar to (3 comments | comment on this) as a link to place/read comments on journal entries. This script generates code you can use to easily change it to something like this (I've gotten 3 kisses already - kiss me). Please note that the script only works under Internet Explorer at the present time.
MoJo WAP Client
MoJo (Mobile Journal)is a WAP LiveJournal update client. Simply put, this means that LiveJournal users with web-ready wireless devices (cell phones, palm-pilots, etc.) may now update their journal on-the-go. The tool is simple enough to require no documentation, simply visit via the wireless device. If you visit that link via a normal (i.e. HTML) web-browser instead of a wireless (WAP) browser, it will not function properly.
PHP_LJ is another LiveJournal client I have written. It's a simple web-based journal updating client. The original idea was to make it available for webmasters to embed in their own sites. It was mainly a personal project, but it certainly could be useful. It's written in two parts: a back-end, which contains functions to connect to the server, send/receive data, etc., the second is a front-end which is just a simple example of how PHP_LJ could be used. It is created such that one could create an attractive front-end of their his/her which could integrate nicely with his/her site.
1337<>English Translator
This is a fun little tool I created to translate between English and the popular 'net language' known as '1337'. The script is far from perfect but can make rough translations to and from 1337. Please do not contact me with bugs/errors as I simply don't have any time to contribute to this silly project at the moment.